The market for dietary supplements is growing, and with it an increasing demand for new dosage forms. Today, the oral strip, a system for the oral and buccal delivery of active ingredients in the form of fast-dissolving “patches”, is booming. So what is the interest of strip for food supplement?

The strip for food supplements is a nomad product.

This new galenic form meets the new requirements of consumers in several ways:

– Compact and easy to use
– Easy administration, no water required
– Take it anywhere, anytime
– Fast release of the active ingredient, fast efficacy

Do not hesitate to learn more about the other galenic forms of food supplements!

What is the bioavailability of a food supplement?

Bioavailability corresponds to both the quantity and the speed required for the active ingredient (vitamins, minerals …) of a food supplement to reach the bloodstream.

What is the galenic form of a food supplement?

The galenic form corresponds to the form in which the supplement is taken: tablet, capsule, syrup, etc. Each of these options has its own specificities and a particular use, to be selected essentially according to the desired goal.

A strip for food supplements, but not only…

The strip can also have oral applications, such as

  • option for fresh breath or good oral hygiene.
  • a strip for teeth whitening

We offer innovative and complete complexes to meet nutritional needs and certain cosmetic problems. In addition, these complexes can be formulated in strips and help fight against stress, aging, hair loss for example.

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