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Nutrition and cosmetic engineer

Nutraceuticals and cosmetic engineer, and graduated with an MBA in business development, Anne-Sophie BONGAIN has been working for more than 25 years in the products development. Thus she manages third-party manufacturers in the cosmetics, nutrition and para-pharmacy industries (including 5 years at Nestlé Skin Health – Galderma).
Based in Geneva (Switzerland), she works mainly in Europe and Asia, with the following expertise areas:

Product development:

  • Coaching teams on projects such as formulation and scale up,
  • Implementation of consumer studies,
  • Search for claims,
  • Scientific files and/or marketed products evaluation.

Project management:

  • Team Leader on projects, such as production transfer,
  • New product launches,
  • Regulatory compliance or implementation of new production sites,
  • Preparation of sales negotiations or licenses acquisition.


  • Assistance in the development and implementation of sourcing processes and suppliers/subcontractors management;
  • Advising and coaching teams to submit and/or respond effectively to international tenders

Anne-Sophie BONGAIN, Nutrition and cosmetic engineer, coaches teams to solve pratical issues. Thanks to of her long experience as a  project manager, she takes care of individual and collective performance.

She is a member of the Swiss Circle of Administrators, Swiss  Society of Cosmetic Chemists and the EBRD


Added value

  • Coordination of all the actors involved in the product development and launch chain.
  • Experience, gathered in small and large Groups, enabled me to manage more than 100 different launches. They were ranging from day cream to structured personalisation complexes, at an international level.

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