How to create your beauty and well-being product range ?

Creating your Beauty product range

The essential steps for a successful launch

Creating your Beauty product line is an exciting but complex project. It requires a range of skills, and many milestones to be validated before proceeding with the commercial launch in the identified countries.

For example, you desire to launch a skin care range consisting of a facial cleanser, a day cream and a serum. Let’s break down the different steps we will follow together to launch the day cream (and thus follow the same process together for the other products in the range).

STEP 1: Choice of the first formulation and packaging of the product.

  • Selection of active ingredients, plant extracts, organic or conventional raw materials, according to your desires and your commercial strategy.
  • Choice of a packaging in adequacy with the consumer’s gestures, and protective for the formula. This step is essential, in order to lay the foundations of the development, and allows to fix the first parameters (for example, exclude certain raw materials).
Choice of the standard formulation and packaging
Technical product development

STEP 2: Technical product development

Choice of the final formulation, in adequacy with the packaging.

  • Stability and compatibility study, so that the final product can comply with quality criteria throughout its life cycle.
  • Evaluation for industrial manufacturing (according to the expected marketing volumes).

At the end of this stage, the product is developed. Now it must be announced to the comptent authorities before it is marketed.

STEP 3: Constitution of the regulatory file (according to the selected markets).

Proceed to the filing of the regulatory file on the different markets, which includes the obligation to carry out laboratory tests to prove that the product is not dangerous.

These tests may include :

  • tolerance tests, such as skin or eye tests, or toxicity tests, for example.
  • pH and viscosity control
  • or a safety certificate

These tests are carried out by independent expert laboratories; the cost of the tests may be covered by aid for innovation.

Tests and Constitution of the regulatory file
Your product ready to be marketed

STEP 4: Your product is ready to be marketed

Your product is developed, it can now be manufactured to be sold to the different markets.

Excellent launch!

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