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I’m afraid I can not supply enough raw material “flagship” of my range, can you help me?2020-10-09T14:49:34+02:00

We can assist you in the validation of a double-sourcing study.

I am facing an explosion of my turnover. I would like to increase my production capacity, what should I do?2020-10-09T14:46:51+02:00

Your current manufacturer can not meet your needs in terms of production capacity. We can assist you in the validation of a second manufacturer (raw materials, packaging, production process, analysis).

I found a product in Asia. Can I import it to Switzerland to trade?2019-11-27T08:47:19+02:00

Before putting a product on the market, you must check that the product complies with the legislation of the country where you want to market it.
Use our services to help you bring the product into compliance with the legislation.

I know plant extracts that have excellent virtues, I would like to make a product. What should I know?2020-10-09T14:53:37+02:00

You need to know if the plants are allowed and in what form (powder, extract, liquid). What part of the plant is it (stems, roots, leaf …). In addition … supplier who provides me the extract can provide me with the regulatory documents?
We’re here to support you.

I would like to launch my product line, what should I do?2020-10-09T14:53:57+02:00

In order to launch your range, you must first define what are the elements of identity / claims of your products, such as Bio, Not tested on animals, Natural, recyclable packaging, fragrance free, no dyes, dermatologically tested, .. .

In addition, you must write specifications very precisely.
We are here to guide you.

What are the steps involved in launching a beauty product on the market?2020-10-09T14:48:32+02:00

There are many steps.  To discover the 4 main steps, please see our fact sheet:

A complete job, (if none of the 4 steps has been started) takes on average 9 to 12 months, however starting from one of our “standard” formulas can significantly reduce this lead-time.

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