You want to diversify your range of cosmetic products or food supplements but you don’t have the resources to develop them from A to Z (formulation, studies, stability time)? Choosing to work via a white label is the quick and easy solution available to you.

What is a white label?

A white label is a product designed by a producer (from development to packaging), which you can then buy and market under your brand name.

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Why choose a white label?

Are you looking to diversify?

The white label offers a wide choice of products that will meet your needs. You will be able to diversify your range, respond to your customers’ needs and build loyalty!

Do you want to save time?

With a white label, you won’t have to work out a new formula for months, so you won’t have to research the formulation, send it for dermatological testing (or any other safety test depending on the product), or declare it, or manage the manufacturing or packaging.  The producer will take care of all these steps!  You will have a finished product, ready to be marketed!

Do you have a limited budget?

White labeling does not require a large starting budget. When the product already exists, no investment in research or development is necessary. This allows you to sell a product quickly, but above all at a lower cost. The savings you make will allow you to dedicate a budget to marketing and advertising your product.

You don’t have the required expertise?

White labeling allows you to benefit from the expertise of professionals throughout your project. This saves you hours of research, possible disappointment and, above all, a good dose of stress. As a white label seller, you don’t have to deal with all the pressure of making a product. You won’t have to deal with manufacturing defects, returns and other problems that manufacturers face. The manufacturer will have to take care of all that. This leaves you time for business development.

White label: Who is this solution for?

Everyone, but especially one-offs by:

  • Selective and specialised retail outlets (beauty shops, perfumeries, beauty corners, bioshops, etc.);
  • Spas, beauty and wellness centres;
  • Cosmetic brands that wish to diversify their offer;
  • Sports halls
  • Chains or groups of (para)pharmacies;
  • Hotels (packaging in miniatures);
  • Eshop
  • Etc.

Why call us?

Creating a new product or a new range is a great adventure that requires a particular expertise, even if you choose to go through a white label.

First of all, we will define your project and its feasibility together. It is not uncommon to come up with a new idea, sometimes more coherent than the original one, as the project matures. There are several possibilities for white labeling. Please consult our services and our white label catalogue here

 Would you like to be accompanied by experts to develop your white label range?