Anti-ageing ally, anti-inflammatory, or innovative solution to skin pathologies, what are probiotics? Why is this for your body?

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are living micro-organisms (bacteria, yeast, etc.) that have a beneficial effect on the organism that ingests them. Firstly, they can be ingested as food supplements and act on the intestinal flora. Secondly, they can be applied topically and rebalance the skin flora, itself made up of micro-organisms.

An imbalance in your microbiome?

Prolonged exposure to aggressive and excessive washing or care can unbalance the internal and/or external microbiome. For example, the use of soap with a too high pH, antibacterial soap, medication (antibiotics), pollution, or stress. Indeed, the protective barrier role of the microbiome decreases and the skin is in direct contact with external aggressions.

Probiotics: what effect on the skin?

On the skin, there is a microbiota composed of billions of living micro-organisms called probiotics (bacteria, viruses, yeasts…). This microbiota interacts strongly with our cells.

Thus, a destabilised microbiota means intolerant, reactive, sensitive skin, and prone to a certain number of skin conditions. We then speak of redness, oily skin, inflammation, itching. Even eczema, psoriasis or atopic dermatitis.

However, probiotics strengthen, above all, the immune system and the skin’s barrier function. The aim is to limit the chronic inflammatory state of the skin which is the cause of premature skin ageing.


How to preserve your skin flora?

Selecting skin-friendly products enriched with probiotics or that regulate the skin microbiota allows everyone to take care of their skin while respecting the skin flora. In this way, sensitive and atopic skin can hopefully regain a skin balance that has probably been lost over time. And thus reduce skin inflammation, redness and irritation.

Moreover, understanding the microbiome is one of the biggest concerns of the scientific world. This opens up many possibilities for innovations to treat certain skin diseases.

In short, a balanced flora means that the skin is less stressed, regenerates better and ages less.


Probiotics: what about the intestinal flora?

The intestinal flora, or intestinal microbiota, is the set of micro-organisms living in the intestine.

Once again, probiotics help to strengthen the intestinal flora so that the balance between good and bad bacteria is restored and the former can take over from the latter.

Indeed, the presence of bacteria is not insignificant as they are involved in many functions, including

  • Digestion
  • The synthesis of vitamins B and K
  • The production of molecules necessary for the body (including short-chain fatty acids)
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • The creation of a “barrier effect” that prevents the colonisation of the intestines by bad bacteria

In conclusion, whether for internal or external use, probiotics will be your future allies. Indeed, they will allow you to balance your flora and to be protected against external aggressions.

There are many combinations of probiotics or ingredients that regulate/protect the microbiota. However, an optimal formulation is essential to respond effectively to sensitive or atopic skin or to rebalance the intestinal microbiota

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