Looking for well-being, consumers are increasingly interested by body or skin detox cures. What does it really mean to clean oneself from toxins and to get a new skin? Which products and formulas should you prefer for your markets?


What is a BODY DETOX #In?

Detoxification consists of relieving the emunctory organs (liver, kidney, bowels, lungs, skin) whose role is to cleanse the body of all its pollutants every day. This detox will allow them to clear themselves of toxins accumulated in excess, to cleanse themselves, to repair themselves and  function better afterwards.

Thus, during a detox treatment, the body will inactivate toxic substances from internal or external origin by reducing their toxicological activity.  This enzymatic process as well as the solubilisation of the substance will favour its elimination through the kidneys. It is therefore not a slimming diet, but a purification of the organism.

It happens after a period of overeating such as winter and its holiday meals, our body feels overloaded with toxins. Indeed, when our diet is richer, our body struggles to eliminate these toxins and accumulates them. However, these are not the only toxins we are dealing with every day.


But where do these toxins come from?

  • The ones we ingest, such as additives in industrial food, pesticides, fertilisers, chemicals, preservatives, flavour enhancers, alcohol. All those molecules that our organism does not completely assimilate and needs to eliminate.
  • Chemical residues from tap water, residues from the medicines we take. But also the chemical and toxic components from our everyday products that we use to wash the house.
  • Toxins produced by the body itself in the processes of digestion and assimilation of our food. This applies to all the food we eat, animal proteins, cereals and dairy products.
  • Waste produced by our body during all its processes such as breathing and blood circulation.


What do they cause?

This accumulation of harmful substances can settle in the cells, weaken the immune system, and cause discomfort:

  • Skin: spots, small pimples, allergies
  • Vitality: fatigue, increased susceptibility to infections, headaches
  • Digestion: bloating, constipation, nausea.
  • Weight: increasing as storage without disposal is involved.

It is therefore important to help the body evacuate them.


Plants to help you purify your body:

skin detox

What about SKIN DETOX #Out?


Based on the same principle as body detox, “Skin Detox” is a mechanism and a way of life that allows the skin to breathe and thus make it more beautiful. 

Indeed, unsuitable creams, sometimes suffocating foundations and mattifying powders can clog pores. Not to mention external factors such as pollution, which can make facial skin dull, irritated or even surrounded.

There are therefore daily solutions to help the skin detoxifies. Since skin is also a reflection of our diet, using a body detox will give you more results. A true In & Out combination!


Skin cleansing, the Skin detox solution:

Cleansing forms the basis of any facial care programme aimed at keeping the skin healthy. It is part of the skin’s natural renewal process by removing impurities, bacteria, excess sebum and pollutants. Both extremely delicate and surprisingly resistant, it needs to be cleansed gently and regularly.

To preserve the quality of the epidermis, it is essential to use gentle surfactants in your formulations, which must respect the skin’s balance.

skin detox

Choosing a cleansing treatment

Dry and sensitive skin requires particularly gentle cleansing.  This avoids stripping their hydrolipidic film or disrupting the stratum corneum. For oily skin, we recommend a cleansing treatment that removes excess sebum and rebalances the skin without damaging it. This could in turn exacerbate the activity of the sebaceous glands.

The development of the formula must imperatively take into account the specificities of the skin.


Deep cleansing

Regularly complete your skin detox ritual with an exfoliation or mask, which will go deeper. Prefer gentle abrasives that smooth the skin’s texture and eliminate dead cells, revealing fresh skin that is ready to be moisturised.

Deep cleansing masks also help clarify the complexion, remove impurities and decongest pores. Enriched with nourishing botanical extracts, they provide deep cleansing while meeting the specific needs of your skin.


Skin detox actives to help you purify your skin:

  • Clay
  • Tea Tree
  • Zinc Gluconate
  • Fruit acids


To conclude, the skin, as an emunctory organ responsible for evacuating waste, covers our body and constantly secretes perspiration. Perspiration is used to evacuate waste, but also to regulate body temperature and manage water levels. Thus, an acne flare-up can come as much from the skin, as from the colon, as from the liver! We must therefore always keep in mind that our body functions as a whole. In & Out Detox is the answer to this global problem.

Detox can be presented in various galenic forms. Which one will appeal most to your consumers?

Would you like to be accompanied by experts for your In & Out innovations?


More than ever, beauty is a perfect combination of cosmetics and nutrition. Do you want to innovate or are you simply curious?