Shall we we took stock of the galenic forms for food supplements? A galenic form refers to the state in which the active ingredients and excipients are placed.

Let’s discover the different galenic forms and their advantages and disadvantages.

Each food supplement has its own galenic form

A quick reminder:

A dietary supplement is a nutritional foodstuff composed of one or more nutrients (vitamins, minerals, oligo-elements) or substances (plant extracts, fibers, amino acids…) which is mostly presented in the form of a capsule, tablet, powder, syrup or ampoule. 

It aims to complement the diet in order to prevent or compensate for certain nutritional deficiencies, especially in the most at-risk populations (pregnant women, the elderly, athletes, etc.), to improve the quality of life and to limit daily discomforts (difficulty falling asleep, difficult digestion, chronic fatigue, stress, etc.). But also to prevent and fight against skin disorders such as acne, atopic dermatitis, eczema, redness, skin dryness or to boost the complexion, to give a healthy glow, to moisturize, etc. This is also called nutricosmetics.

The choice of a galenic form is a real strategic choice for your product that should not be neglected. Whether in terms of concentration of active ingredients, preservation, protection or preference of use, some forms are more suitable than others. Before choosing your galenic form, it is useful to ask yourself for which market your product is intended? For which use? With which composition?



Gummies, very trendy in the United States, have recently appeared on the European dietary supplements market.

Similar to candy, they are an original and easy way to take food supplements. Tasty and very appetizing, they can be as dosed in active ingredients as traditional supplements. Taking a cure of food supplements has never been so fun!

However, prefer formulas without added sugars and without synthetic sweeteners such as aspartame, sucralose or acesulfame-k whose effects on health are currently very controversial.

Gummies often concern beauty supplements for the skin, hair and nails.



Their compositions can be of vegetable origin, they can be certified kosher, halal, approved by the Vegetarian society and thus address the greatest number.

They have the advantage of having no odor or taste, which makes it more pleasant to take the supplement. Their concentration in active ingredients is high and their dosage is precise. Capsules and tablets, sometimes gastro-resistant or enteric-coated, guarantee perfect assimilation without any loss of effectiveness.

However, they may contain additives, adjuvants and are sometimes difficult to swallow for some. They are often used for ranges related to joints, vitality, or with anti-aging and antioxidant virtues.

Powders & drinks


Fun, powders can be mixed into drinks or food preparations. However, powders are more difficult to store, as they must be protected from humidity and light.

They are mainly found in sports nutrition and weight control ranges.

Bottles and Syrup


With very high concentrations of active ingredients, and rapid assimilation within the body, syrups are also an economical format. However, the galenic, not very nomadic, and with an unpleasant taste sometimes can be constraining. They are most often used for the vitality and immunity ranges.



We like their perfectly dosed active concentrations and their pure extracts, without additives or adjuvants. The liquid solution remains appropriate for people who have difficulty swallowing solid forms. It is necessary all the same to take into account the risk of transport, and a sometimes unpleasant taste. They are most often chosen for slimming ranges, immunity and vitality cures.

To conclude, the best choice of dosage form will be the one that offers your product total consistency. We help you choose a dosage form that reflects your positioning (natural, premium, etc.), integrates your formula, meets your promise and, of course, adapts to your target (conditions of use) as well as to your production volume.

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