In Switzerland, in order to be placed on the market, used professionally or commercially, biocidal products must be authorized, declared or recognized according to the Ordinance on Biocidal Products (OPBio – RS 813.12). Therefore, the responsibility for placing biocidal products on the market lies with the authorization holder. So, how to import biocides in Switzerland?

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What is a biocidal product? How to import biocides in Switzerland ?

Biocidal products are used to control pests by killing or repelling them. A biocidal product works by chemical or biological action and not by physical action. It belongs to at least one of 22 product types, depending on the purpose(s) for which the product is used. Biocidal products only contain notified or approved active substances.



Conditions for placing on the market:

The Notification Authority authorizes biocidal products to be placed on the market or used professionally or commercially.

However, biocidal products that have been notified to the Notification Authority may be placed on the market without authorization or used professionally or commercially if the Notification Authority has not taken a position on them within the specified period. This concerns only the following biocidal products:

a. authorized in an EU or EFTA Member State in accordance with the simplified procedure provided for in Article 26 of the Regulation (EU);

b. those belonging to an authorized family of biocidal products;

c. released for research and development purposes.

What is the scope of the authorization when import biocides in Switzerland?

The authorization is valid for a family of biocidal products or for a single biocidal product, in the case of:
– a given composition,
– one or more given trade names,
– possibly one or more given uses,
– one or several manufacturers;

Special points for importing and marketing biocides in Switzerland ?

Only one person receives the authorization. Only persons having their domicile, registered office or branch in Switzerland may apply for and hold an authorization.

If the product contains an active substance whose inclusion in the list of Annex 1 or 2 of the Biocidal Products Ordinance (OPBio , RS 813.12) is still under examination, then an application for a provisional authorization (AN/AC) can be submitted.

You can also consult the regulations issued by the Swiss Confederation:

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