Every day, we use cosmetic products. Moreover, many consumers have understood the interest of going organic. But what is the real impact of organic cosmetics on the environment? In order to clarify all these issues, manufacturers have decided to define an environmental rating method for cosmetic products.

Environmental rating of cosmetic products, what is it?

The EcoBeautyScore Consortium aims to develop a system for evaluating and scoring the environmental impact of cosmetic products. A prototype footprint and rating system is planned for late 2023. The Consortium is also working with external experts, including scientists, academics and NGOs. The Consortium work will be published and could be used on a strictly voluntary basis.

An environmental aspect

As we mentioned earlier, the environmental aspect is a crucial issue in the development of “greener” products. The cosmetics industry seeks to preserve the environment, while adapting to changes in consumption patterns… Without forgetting to meet the demand of new generations. They feel they are actors of their consumption and have a rather natural approach in terms of cosmetics.

Environmental rating of cosmetic products, to enlighten consumers

The main objective of the consortium is to develop a common rating system for the environmental impact of cosmetic products. This will allow consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions.

The consortium is composed of 2 categories of members:

Corporate Members

Any company developing and/or manufacturing finished cosmetic products as well as companies marketing finished cosmetic products under their own brand or under a licensed brand (“Manufacturers”).

Associate Members

Any professional association representing manufacturers of finished cosmetic products, as well as raw material suppliers, distributors, retailers and consumers.

In conclusion, everyone is moving towards a green transition, which represents a positive innovation on an ecological and health aspect.
The EcoBeautyScore reference system will allow consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions in terms of cosmetic products environmental impact.

Want to know more: www.ecobeautyscore.com & www.sustainablecosmeticssummit.com/Namerica/index.htm

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