You are evolving in a hyper-competitive market and you want to differentiate your offer? Customized products are on the rise to meet consumers’ expectations.

What is product customization?

Today, almost everything is customizable! And if this option was historically reserved for the world of luxury, the evolution of new technologies which tends to erase the technical constraints allows the personalization to be democratized …. Thus, the marketing of personalized products becomes a gold mine for your brand, in search of innovation and seasonality.

Customized products: Make your consumers unique!

By adding one or more innovative assets to your formula, your customized products become different from other similar or similar products that a competitor might offer. It has a “plus” that will bring curiosity and effectiveness!

In cosmetics or nutrition, this makes sense… Indeed, each customer has a different problem and therefore a different need for care. To achieve exclusive blends is a godsend to offer them a personalized care or products.

Thanks to our new range of active ingredients, we offer you the chance to personalize your products or your treatments, but also to offer for sale some active ingredients to your clients that will make all the difference in their own beauty rituals.

Customisable products offer innovative routines and treatments: some examples

1- Boost your anti-ageing range or the treatments you offer, according to the seasons

In winter, nourishing and emollient active ingredients are essential to reinforce the moisturiser.

In summer, the antioxidant content of the daily care product can be increased. This is a great promise of satisfaction for your consumer!

2- Boost your treatments to regain your figure

In spring, you can suggest to your patients that they boost their body milk with caffeine. You can also add draining active ingredients or plant extracts.

3- Reinforce anti-brown spot treatments

Also in spring, but in summer too, suggest to your clients to adapt their daily routine with
– lightening extracts to add to all their products (serum, day and night cream)
– food supplements rich in vitamin C, among other things.

Discover our preciousingredientsbyNCC, and let yourself be seduced by market-ready complexes

 Would like to know more about our range of active ingredients, in order to personalise your products and innovate at the heart of your product ranges, call on our services