More than 20% of women in Europe place their cosmetic products in the fridge.

This is done mostly caused by lack of a solution, although this practice is unhygienic and the refrigerator is never at the right temperature. (according to the Kantar Media report). Cold ensure a better cosmetics preservation

After two years of research, the French start-up Beautigloo has developed a cold case: the Refrigerated Beauty Box. This box preserves the properties of cosmetics (its optimal temperature is 10°C) and allows to keep their effectiveness.

Keep your products at the right temperature is a good and healthy option to preserve them. Indeed, it limits drying and the use of preservatives, but also preserves the active ingredients.

Cosmetics preservation: Tests carried out in the laboratory have shown a better conservation of the active ingredients

In addition, cold allows to  reduce need for preservatives.

Beauty products have a use-by date. We tend to make our favourite products last for months or even years – or until they run out… This is a mistake. Once a body or face cream is opened, it can usually be used for six to twelve months. A lifespan that can be checked by looking under the packaging: the icon is an open jar, with a number followed by an M (a compulsory indication).

Face care products should be stored in a cool, dry place, whereas they are usually stored in the bathroom, the most humid room in the house. And some products keep much better in a cool place, such as varnishes. This is especially true for “fresh” cosmetics, based on natural ingredients, which specify how they should be stored in their instructions.

The formulation must have been studied, to be ideally kept in a cool place, and the active ingredients must not be too sensitive to the cold.

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