Rejuvenating skin with alpine rose skin cell

Snow algae powder is considered as the « sleepy beauty » for skin rejuvenation. Its purpose is to repair the effects of time and to increase the longevity of skin cells. This extra-ordinary algae is then a good option for rejuvenating skin.

Indeed, where most plants do not survive, snow algae have been able to adapt to the alpine environment, in a hostile environment. The best known of these algae is the Chlamydomonas nivalis.

These plants grow on glaciers, in the eternal snow.

In order to survive, they have developed strategies, a kind of “sleeping beauty”, similar to hibernation.

This consists of slowing down the plant’s activity to reduce caloric intake. Caloric restriction, which has improved both the health and lifespan of these plants, has highlighted the benefits of pigment consumption as a promising new anti-ageing agent.

This “protective” mechanism releases effective active ingredients that have a proven invigorating and regenerative effect on skin cells. This snow algae powder also has an effect on increasing collagen production and rejuvenating skin at the cellular level. The skin appears fresher and detoxified (age spots are less visible), better hydrated and smoother in 100% of cases.

In order to offer your consumers innovative products based on snow algae powder, it is essential to adapt an optimal galenic form.

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