Still hesitating to produce solid cosmetics? 3 reasons to take the plunge!

Cosmetics are increasingly moving to the solid state and are becoming more and more popular. Whether for hair, body, or face, solid cosmetics have reinvented themselves and attract the curiosity of consumers. Especially because of their playful and innovative aspects. Here are 3 reasons to opt for this new consumer trend towards “clean beauty“!

1. A market with a future

 From the major luxury brands to the smallest brands, the desire to offer reassuring and committed products to consumers is very present. Indeed, worried about the repeated use of undesirable substances, the environmental impact of their consumption, or the undesirable effects on their health, the new generations now claim to be the “consumer’s actors“. Sensitive to ethical brands, respectful of the environment and socially committed, they are in search of authenticity. As a result, they naturally turn to solid cosmetics, these ancestral methods that have now been brought up to date.  Similarly, according to a Kantar study conducted in 2018, 100% of losses in the shower department are due to millennials. As you will have understood, reinventing tomorrow’s cosmetics is proving to be an opportunity to conquer these new generations of consumers.

2. A wide variety of products

Shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, toothpaste or facial care, there are many possibilities to extend your product lines.

This new trend represents a real opportunity to prove to your consumers your commitment to sustainable development. But also your interest in an ever more natural composition.  You will also be able to stand out and be creative in the way they are used.

3. Numerous advantages

One of the great advantages of solid cosmetics is their composition. 

  • Deprived of water, these products do not need preservatives in their formula. In contrast to liquid products which contain about 80% water. We are therefore witnessing very natural formulas in line with the needs of users.
  • Customizable, they can be perfectly adapted to all hair types (oily, dry, normal), skin types (dry, combination, oily, acneic) or problems encountered.
  • Also very practical to carry, they can be kept in the air or in glass cups 2 or 3 times longer than their liquid equivalents.
  • In addition, the elimination of packaging containing the products (plastic bottles or jars) is part of the move towards zero waste.
  • Finally, the last good news is that these cruelty-free products are not tested on animals.

Whether a new trend or a return to old consumption patterns, solid cosmetics may have a great future ahead of it. You know everything, you just have to innovate …

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