What happens during the launch of a new range of beauty products on the market?

Whether organic, conventional, or natural… your goal is to create your own cosmetic brand or food supplements range! But the path to get there seems blurry. Let’s discover this technical, scientific, marketing and regulatory profession, and let us accompany you in this adventure.

First of all, you need to carry out a market study regarding your cosmetic brand project

Let’s build your business plan, define your idea and analyze your competitors, in order to define your marketing brief. Today’s consumers expect a brand to be in line with their values. While there is no universal recipe for success, remember that you need to define a concept that is meaningful and transparent. It should bring commitment, content and emotion.

Once your marketing brief has been defined, you will have to, with the help of an expert in the field of product development, concretely create your cosmetic or wellness brand. Then, you should market it, possibly in different countries. It is an exciting but complex project.

Proceeding with the commercial launch, in several countries is often subject to prior registration or declaration

This needs to be manage by country or group of countries, and be taken into account from the first selections of raw materials.

This is why it is necessary, among other things, to develop a formulation that can respond to:

  • each country or group of countries, from a regulatory point of view, but also in terms of galenics and consumer acceptability (efficacy, skin tolerance, satisfaction with use).
  • conformity of active ingredients, plant extracts, organic or conventional raw materials
  • compatibility of the packaging, ( e.g. some countries do not accept glass bulbs)
  • protection of the intellectual property of the product in the country of destination

For more details, please visit https://www.nccreation.ch/en/2020/05/22/nutri-cosmetics-is-a-growing-market/

For example, if you wish to sell your cosmetic product in Europe, according to Regulation 1223/2009, any company must designate a Responsible Person (RP). This needs to be done within the European Community, for each product. Last but not least, it is essential to choose a marketing network and not to change it. Indeed, each cosmetic brand is specialized on a precise distribution network, which allows to reflect an image of professionalism and stability. If you choose the professional network of the beauty salon or hairdressing salon, you will also have to offer products in cabin format (large format). Thus  it will require the conditioner’s packaging capacities to be well dimensioned.

Excellent launch!

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