The INCI list (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) is a mandatory nomenclature on cosmetic products since 1999.

INCI purpose is to standardize the ingredients present in a cosmetic product. It is on the primary packaging of cosmetic products, and was created in 1973 by an american association.

The manufacturer is not obliged to indicate the concentration of each raw materials, this permit to preserve “manufacturing secrecy”. But, we know that they are classified “mandatory” in decreasing order of concentration for those dosed at more than 1%. Below this threshold, the manufacturer can display them in the order he wishes.

It is an important criterion in the choice of your formulation to Know the benefits / risks associated with the use of a raw material.

Furthermore, this can be a key element  in the consumer purchase decision of your product.

The INCI Beauty application can guide you in your formulation choices (acceptance or rejection of active ingredients for example).

But that’s not all, in the INCI list

The ingredients are designated according to their Latin names (often plant extracts, vegetable oils etc…. ) or according to their English names (often preservatives, common molecules etc…. ) due to the American origin of this INCI list.

These are therefore terms borrowed from the field of botany and chemistry.

What is the INCI for?

This INCI list is simply used to indicate the ingredients contained in a particular cosmetic, probably in order to protect the consumer. The presence of this list is the only “immediate” way to check what any cosmetic contains… This obligation has certainly “encouraged” (or rather “constrained”) brands to be more “reasonable” between their well-honed marketing discourse and the reality of the ingredients.

In any case, and this is one of the important points, the INCI list serves above all to indicate the main allergens to those who are sensitive.

Finally, this INCI list is based on terms that are the same from one country to another, which makes things much easier when it comes to communication between professionals in the cosmetics sector. But as consumers, it is also a benchmark in most countries, to continue to buy by examining the INCI list.

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