The packaging (or wrapping) is an indispensable element for the development of a cosmetic product or a food supplement.

The packaging must be taken into consideration from the beginning of the study. If we look back in time, we realize that packaging was invented a long time ago.


Why was it invented?

Quite simply because people had to be able to transport a product, but also to protect or preserve it.

The historical example known by all is the principle of the amphora. This pack, created by the Phoenicians in 1500 before JC, was later improved by the Greeks, Romans and Gauls. Today, the principle of the amphora has been transformed into flask or a bottle.

Other assets have enriched and improved the functions of the packaging, such as new materials, which also make it possible to provide greater simplicity, safety and better preservation.


The Product – Primary Packaging Couple

Foodstuffs, medicines or cosmetics cannot exist without packaging, in many cases, the container has become an integral part of the product, and each development attaches as much importance to the content, active ingredient, formulation or recipe, as to the protective envelope.

This is known as the Product-Primary Packaging pair.

One has no important reason to exist without the other.


The interaction container – content

In the case of the Product – Primary Packaging pair, we speak of the interaction container – content.

Before launches, it is therefore necessary to check that no molecule of the product alters the primary pack and vice versa. The stability of the product being the regulatory prerequisite.


Secondary packaging

Once the stability prerequisites have been defined, work on the packaging also has to do  with use (usage scenario, ergonomics) and communication (form, appearance, graphics, legal and commercial information).

It is very often the role of secondary pack to facilitate the entire logistics chain, right up to the final delivery in the consumer’s hand. It will provide solutions during handling and storage, and finally support information and presentation at the point of sale.

We now talk about extended packaging when it is enhanced with RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification, identification technology), QR code, augmented reality, traceability, etc…

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