The HANDCARE trend, a booming market

Between washing and the use of repeated hydro-alcoholic solutions that unbalance our skin flora, the emphasis is more than ever on care. Previously reserved for dry or uncomfortable hands, this new “handcare” routine inspired by skin care is emerging. The program includes new formulas, new uses and new packaging. From simple hand cream to a true handcare ritual, let yourself be inspired by this future market full of opportunities.

Our hands, our new priority

Below are some figures from a study conducted by Cosmetics Business in April 2020 that we have summarized in a computer graphics.

In summary, we can say that our excessive hand hygiene seems to have a real impact on the quality of our skin. We also notice a more than growing interest for hand creams on Google, which reinforces the idea that associating a hand cream with washing is the future daily gesture of our consumers.

What about our skin flora?

One of the benefits not to be overlooked is the product’s ability to restore the balance of skin flora damaged by our new lifestyles.

Indeed, the hands’palms are home for microorganisms that survive in oily or humid areas, mainly β-proteobacteria. Most of them have no reason to frighten us. Better still, they act as shields against external aggressions: various pathogens, pollution, solar UV, etc..

Consequently, the use of hydroalcoholic gels, kill all infectious agents indiscriminately and do not differentiate the biotope from other exogenous agents. This disturbance may have unfortunate consequences and, among other things, lead to eczema and atopic dermatitis which weaken the epidermis, making it more permeable to exogenous infectious agents.

Rebuilding, with a good hand cream, is therefore essential.

A routine that goes beyond simple hand cream

It’s a sophisticated and innovative routine, straight out of our face and hair.

Gone are the days of simple moisturizing or nourishing hand creams, now it’s time for day care that prepares hands for all the stresses of the day and night care that gently repairs them. We also find scrubs to make new skin without forgetting masks and serums to treat our skin in depth.

Consumers now want to focus on their hands. They want to regain smooth, blemish-free, comfortable and luminous skin. Some even tend towards BB or CC creams to improve the appearance of their skin and hide imperfections such as veins, spots, redness, wrinkles or fine lines.

What will our care be tomorrow?

We all know the feeling of greasy, sticky hands after using a hand cream. This is a real barrier to use.

That’s why innovation is now focused on creams that better meet the expectations of users:

  • Search for a feeling of lightness and softness.
  • Textures of gels, serums, masks, ultra-light creams with fast penetration, without oily effect on the skin.
  • Nourishing, moisturizing and repairing benefits
  • Suitable for sensitive, hypersensitive and hypoallergenic skin.
  • Fragrance-free, alcohol-free and natural composition
  • Anti-ageing, anti-spots, firming, presence of SPF

Moreover, the natural, vegan, cruelty-free and evocative formulas of clean beauty will be a real asset for your future products. Indeed, we are witnessing many new awareness of our consumption patterns and a real need to become consumer’s actors. Going for products that respect the environment, animals, but also our skin seems to be the future of cosmetics.

An opportunity to reinvent your packagings

After you have developed your formula, place it in its container. From small and practical to slip into your handbag, packaging is evolving towards new formats. Larger, more sought-after, refillable or fun, there will be something for everyone.

It is highly likely that this new trend will last and that a change in our habits is taking place.

Would you like to develop or redevelop your hand care range?