As the skin ages, it loses its elasticity and firmness.

Cell renewal slows down and collagen production decreases. The structure of the dermis is disorganized which will cause agging skin and accentuation of wrinkles. What about Brede mafane as a natural anti-aging?

The Brede mafane (Spilanthes acmella) flower, native to South America, is a natural anti-aging active ingredient that strengthens the skin from the inside.

These flowers can range from yellow to red, with year-round flowering and act on the main concerns related to aging.

To avoid this loosening and fight against the signs of aging, it is necessary to strengthen the structure of the dermis, by targeting cellular dynamism and stimulating the biomechanical functions of fibroblasts. Thanks to the benefits of this plant, the skin appears firmer and smoother with a reduction in wrinkles.

In addition to its rejuvenating actions, the harvest of the Brede flower presents an approach that respects the environment. It is not an endangered species, with a selective and sustainable harvest of flowers without of course interfering with the natural development and reproduction of the species. These plants are picked by hand and are therefore not destroyed.
This product can be applied in facial or body care, in anti-wrinkle product, in product for contouring the face, in firming products or in make-up. This plant therefore offers endless possibilities.

During a typical day, our face can undergo up to 10,000 micro-contractions. These micro-contractions are responsible for expression lines, especially crow’s feet, the nasolabial fold and frown lines.

The anaesthetic effect provided by spilanthol, contained in the extract of this plant, will limit these contractions.

The skin is smoothed, it loses its “crumpled” appearance and allows you to prevent the appearance of more marked wrinkles. Brède Mafane has the advantage of acting like a botox, while respecting the natural movements of the face, because its action remains light. What’s more, it’s all the more natural!

Finally, Brède Mafane is an active ingredient suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Its composition offers soothing virtues that can soothe irritated skin and reduce redness.

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