Bad times for the AliExpress, Wish, eBay and Amazon marketplaces. Six consumer groups from BEUC (European Bureau of Consumer Unions) ordered 250 products, including cosmetics, on these platforms.

Result: two thirds of purchases do not comply with European security legislation.
From January 2019 to January 2020, 6 of the 45 consumer associations constituting BEUC tested 18 types of products such as  dolls, beauty products, etc. The results led BEUC to alert the public to the danger of online shopping.

For example, on the hygiene side, 70% of teeth whitening products did not meet the maximum oxygen peroxide level, which must be less than 0.1% for products intended for individuals. Their peroxide level was over 6%, the limit for products used in a dental office, it turns out that even dentists are not allowed to buy these dental whitening products.

This report confirms that we must support local producers, even if it means putting a little more money into purchases, to better secure product safety.