Phycocyanin isolated from organisms has the characteristics of high efficacy and low toxicity, and it can be used as a functional food. Phycocyanin has been reported to have antioxidant function, anti-inflammatory activity, immune-boosting function, protective effects on the liver and kidneys.
The benefits of spirulina are well established and are beginning to be known to the general public. This wonderful blue alga (or rather cyanobacterium) has given rise to in-depth research in recent years. Today there are approximately 2,000 publications on spirulina. These studies have highlighted the interest of spirulina in pure nutrition through its capacity to correct deep malnutrition syndromes, but they have also made it possible to better understand the health benefit of it by its antioxidant effects, on immunity, on inflammation, resistance to viral infections, on its detoxifying properties, etc. New studies keep popping up.
All of these studies tend to show that very large daily doses of spirulina are necessary to trigger certain health effects. We then greatly exceed the 5 grams recommended daily. However, many people find it difficult to consume and digest spirulina in high doses, not to mention that it can be harmful.
During this great work of scientific research, it was highlighted that it was phycocyanin, the blue pigment which gives its formidable color to spirulina, which was at the origin of the whole of its health effects. At the same time, it appeared that the extraction of the molecule was strategic since it made it infinitely more efficient. In addition phycocyanin is very well tolerated and does not cause discomfort as one can feel with spirulina.
The multiplied performance of the extracted phycocyanin can be explained by its place of absorption. Indeed, phycocyanin is absorbed very early during digestion, just after the stomach while spirulina is destroyed late and releases phycocyanin which it contains in the intestine, a place much less conducive to assimilation.
This is how researchers began to multiply studies showing the interest of extracting phycocyanin to potentiate health effects.

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